Our Promise

Helping you people fall in love with your body everyday.

Made for Every Body

We create the most effective, plant-powered personal care products every body can access and enjoy. All products are safe, natural and free of toxins. Aromas are gender neutral.


Mindful sourcing & ingredients

All our formulas are plant-based. We select natural yet effective botanicals and minerals, working only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers.


Social responsibility

A portion of our profits and time go to causes that improve the planet and positively benefit society.


We strive to minimize our footprint through earth-safe formulas, eco-friendly packaging initiatives and streamlined business processes.


The Openly Human story

Openly Human was founded by Steffen Hoffman and Cory Lee Davis.

They met at a Solstice Retreat in Breiton Bush Hot Springs in Oregon. Coming from backgrounds in product design, branding, and formulation, they connected instantly. Both shared the same values and moral frameworks of what good products should be and how they should be made.

Once they returned to Portland they quickly became good friends and decided to create the highest quality, plant-powered personal care products. Openly Human was born.

The base formula was inspired from Steffen and Cory's homemade, craft batches of personal care goods they would make for friends and family over the years. 

They found most spray deodorants on the market used harmful and synthetic chemicals. Some even list butane at their first ingredient (who wants lighter fluid in their armpits?). The two hopped into the lab Steffen used for his alchemical tincture business and began intense research and development. Combining natural mineral salts with ethically sourced botanical ingredients, the first batch of Oh natural deodorant sprays were created.

Wanting to use this brand as platform to give back, Oh pledges to give a portion of profits to initiatives the improve the planet and society. We also support local artists and designers, working with them to design all the beautiful label art for our products.

We approach every interaction with love and grace and hope our products spread feel good vibes to all corners of the globe.

With love and light,
Steffen Hoffman and Cory Davis

Steffen Hoffman

Steffen Hoffman


Cory Davis

Cory Davis